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G-Smile Adult Advanced ToothBrush, Pointed(Tapered)Bristles, Compact Head & Comfort Grip Handle, Soft Bristles, Deep Cleaning and Whitening, Colors Vary, Value Pack Toothbrushes (6 Count)

Product Features:

    Clean, Whiten & Brighten Your Teeth For Smile That's Truly Perfect With G-Smile Adult Advanced Toothbrush!Our deep clean toothbrushes with soft bristles are softest and most effective toothbrushes you'll ever use!With our innovative tapered bristle with deep cleaning action, our toothbrushes penetrate deeper to reach between teeth and below…
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Product Description

Clean, Whiten & Brighten Your Teeth For Smile That’s Truly Perfect With G-Smile Adult Advanced Toothbrush!
Our deep clean toothbrushes with soft bristles are softest and most effective toothbrushes you’ll ever use!
With our innovative tapered bristle with deep cleaning action, our toothbrushes penetrate deeper to reach between teeth and below the gum line to remove plaque.
Our All-In-One manual toothbrush helps you remove unwanted plaque, even the hard-to-reach plaque between your teeth along with removing teeth stains for a bright and cheerful smile.

Sore Free Gums & Cleaner Mouth
G-Smile Advanced Manual Soft Toothbrush is made to keep your gums sore free and firm by gently cleaning along the gum line and massaging it for a truly enjoyable experience
The long soft bristles penetrate between teeth to remove and sweep away up to 99% of plaque even in hard to reach areas in one brushing!

Why You’ll Love This Toothbrush Value Pack Of 6
1. Ultra-soft and super slim tapered synthetic Nylon toothbrush bristles resistant to microbial growth
2. Our manual toothbrush for adults and kids removes surface stains and polishes teeth for bright and healthy teeth
3. Removes odor-causing germs to keep your breath fresh and oral hygiene’s up!
4. Unique long tapered bristles penetrate deep between the teeth for deeper cleaning and plaque removal
5. Gently massages gums without pain or bleeding, ideal for sensitive teeth, gum recession, and braces

The Best Value For The Best Price
Each pack of our deep clean full cover toothbrush comes with 6 toothbrushes with assorted colors that are perfect for both children and adults to use.
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Product Features

  • FOR A BRIGHTER SMILE: Our Pack of 6 G-Smile Adult Advanced Soft Toothbrush use dual intensity bristles that penetrate deep within your teeth to deliver superior quality cleaning. Our deep clean toothbrush gently removes plaque and bacteria while whitening teeth gently without harming your gum so that your teeth shine brightly and your gums stay healthy for a smile that’s charming and bright!
  • NO MORE BAD BREATH: Tired of people shying away from bad breath? We have you covered. Our manual soft toothbrush set Bristles are made from a synthetic Nylon 4 resistant to microbial growth during normal use to help you Control and Eliminate plaque, kill bacteria, and whiten teeth to leave your mouth feeling and smelling clean & fresh as well as delivering deep cleaning to clean the spaces between your teeth for truly thorough cleaning,
  • IDEAL FOR ADULTS AND KIDS: Unlike normal brushes that harm gums and feel hard on the teeth, our diamond clean toothbrush use super soft bristles that not only clean the teeth but also gently massages gums without pain or bleeding for a cleaning session that you’ll enjoy! Compact Head & Comfort Grip Handle make it perfect for both kids and adults to use making this the right toothbrush family pack for any family!
  • COMPACT & TRAVEL-READY: This soft bristle toothbrush set is compact and ergonomically designed to provide reliable oral care for you whether at home or on the go. Thanks to the lightweight and durable materials, this extra soft toothbrush family pack is exactly what you need to maintain your oral hygiene while travelling or going on vacation.
  • THE BEST VALUE FOR PRICE: G-Smile Adult Slim Soft Toothbrush gets between the gaps to Prevent Gum Disease, Tartar and Remove Plaque without harming the gums – our soft bristle toothbrushes are made with our customers in mind. Each of our toothbrushes are made to meet the highest standards of quality while ensuring an economic price so that you get the best value for the best price.